Kempers: February 2017

The last few weeks Joan and I were restless with reference to the upcoming blessing as a pastor. We have talked a lot with each other and with our advisers. We’ve asked God how to proceed and we feel we have to go back to the basics. What does God require of us? What is our calling?

Jesus told us to make disciples. We believe in relational discipleship, discipleship out of friendship. We believe that through discipleship lives will change by the Holy Spirit.

We’ve returned to the Netherlands. One of the reasons being the Roma in Enschede and the surrounding area. They’ve asked us for help and coaching. In the beginning this happened in the homes of the Roma. Their wish was a Kangeri Romani, a Roma church. And a Roma church came about.

We’ve always expressed that we don’t want to be a pastor of a church, instead we want to help and train people on the basis of friendship like we did these past years on Curacao. We want to disciple people who just met Jesus by what we’ve learned from and experienced with Jesus in our own walk with Him.

A half year ago we chose to help and support the Roma with the Roma church anyway. Now, a half year later we’ve come to the conclusion that leading a church in this form is not our calling. We accepted the challenge and tried by putting in our time and effort. And we found out that this doesn’t suit us and the calling on our lives. Our calling is discipleship out of friendship, helping people, walking alongside them and seeing their lives changed by the Holy Spirit.

Our home is still open to those – Roma or non-Roma – who want to walk with Jesus together. And still there will be bible studies. And still we will be visiting people in their homes. So we keep on helping and training people, but in a way fitting for us. Greetings Henk Kempers….