Kempers: January 2018

Enschede, December 23rd, 2017
Hello dear friends,

We’ve had a pretty turbulent year with challenges in all kinds of areas. One of the biggest challenges was finding a new home (again). Two moves within one and a half years affects you deeply…. Settling in the Netherlands and getting used to Dutch culture and life again is a process. It is reassuring that we can stay in this house for a longer period of time. Compared to our previous homes, this one is small, but cozy all together.


In terms of health it was also tough. (Long-term) physical and psychological complaints cost a lot of energy. Fortunately, we’re surrounded with good (medical) care.

The boys are slowly starting to find their way. Both have made friends, love to live close to their family and go to school with pleasure. They both have their challenges at school, but do their best to face them. We are very proud of them!

Contacts with Roma people are at a low. They give their lives to Jesus, but find it difficult to really step out of crime and to take personal responsibility. This process requires a lot of prayer and patience. Most people also find it difficult to read the Bible. God is the one who started a work among the Roma and He will finish it. There are now two home meetings per week.

From January 2018, Henk will volunteer for a few hours a week at addiction institution T.R.A.I. in Enschede to tackle a part of the fieldwork. The founder of this institution came to Jesus 10 years ago at Foundation Nieuw Leven (=New Life, the foundation that Henk set up together with De Hoop). Very special how this all comes together now.

As you know, Henk and Molong Nacua (living in Cebu City, Philippines) have written a book about relational discipleship. It was already available in English, but will also be published in Dutch very soon!

Following the publication of the booklet, Henk received an official invitation from Molong Nacua to come to the Philippines to speak at conferences and visit apostolic hubs and to encourage the people there. The possibility exists to travel from the Philippines to Indonesia to also visit and build apostolic hubs there. For Henk this would be a dream come true, because he always had the great wish to go to Indonesia once in his life time.