Kempers: September 2017

Hello dear friends,

We have a home!! How grateful we are to God for his faithfulness and timing! It’s a long-term home in a recently refurbished working-class neighborhood!

Last week, Henk had a dream in which we were selected 1st. In the dream he saw an email with the text “Congratulations! You are selected 1st for a house!” A street name was visible, but Henk could not remember it when he woke up. In the afternoon he checked his emails, and sure enough… an email of the housing corporation, with the same text as in the dream!
Upcoming Tuesday September 19th we will get the key. We’ll have 10 days to fix up, paint and clean the house. If you live in the area and you would like to help with any of these jobs and/or with the moving itself? That would be great!Also, there are some things we need for our new home, because certain things belong to the vicarage and will have to stay there. If you have one of the following items (in good condition) but you don’t use it anymore, you could make us very happy with it:

– refrigerator with deepfreeze
– stove (with/without cooker hood)
– wardrobes (1 for Nathan, 1 for Henk and Joan)

Do you have an item on the list or would you like to sponsor one? Would you like to help out practically? Or do you have any questions? Please send a private message via facebook or to so we can coordinate everything.

Warm greetings,
Henk, Joan, Nathan and Ezra

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