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Kempers Family

Kempers Family

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If…a movement is Jesus-centered it means: We do not ‘plant’ churches, but when we make disciples, Jesus will build His church. When we bring the Kingdom of God, church happens around us. Structures follow life and it is not the other way around. It’s about following Jesus and being obedient, not about all kind of new and nice.

What we are doing now!

  1. Organic discipleship
  2.  Field work in the community
  3. Train families to live an addiction-free life
  4. Drugs prevention
  5. Give Dutch lessons

What we would like to do in the future!

  1. Buy a piece of land (2,600 square meter)
  2. Build family homes for ex-addicted families
  3. Build a mission center ‘From Curaçao to the Nations’
  4. Build homes for the workers